Activities in Secunda


Secunda is a treat for all the cyclists. You are going to love the tracks and have a wonderful time gazing the artistic beauty of the place on your cycle. (@Secunda)

Secunda Marathon

If you want to run and participate in a marathon, you can do it here in the Secunda marathon. A lot of people participate in this event and you are bound to have a wonderful time.


There are a lot of different athletic activities that can help you stay in shape and feel the heat as well. Secunda hosts several athletic activities and you can engage in these rigorous activities.



If you want to enjoy a silent time on the rivers and gaze at the mesmerizing scenery of Secunda, you can immerse yourself in the pleasure of canoeing. (@ Umuzi Lake Secunda)

Quad Bike Off-Road

Looking for a biking ride to rock and roll and have a wonderful time? You can enjoy the superb rides on quad bike in this part of Secunda.

4 X 4 Off-Road

If you are looking to go on a wild adventure as you want to take a ride on the mountain roads and experience the thrill of pulsating nerves, you have ample rides to have a rocking time.

Dart Competitions

Those who love to shoot and have a pen chant for dart rounds will find avenues that can help them polish their skills in this regard. Test your skill and revel in your victory.

(@ Sasol Recreation and Hospitality Club)

Light Aircraft Shows

If you fancy yourselves looking at some of the most engaging and entertaining shows related with airplanes, you are going to love your time at Secunda. There are numerous aircraft shows that are held from time to time.

Model Plane Flying Competition

Those who are looking for some adrenaline junkies activity that can rev up their verve and energy can participate in some of the most engaging model plane flying competitions. You are going to have numerous such competitive contests to participate in.


Those who love to enjoy their time fishing will have a lot to be happy about in Secunda. This place offers you some of the finest spots for fishing activities.